Kashrut & Cuisine

For over 40 years, Le Voyage Travel has been providing luxury travel in exotic locations alongside the convenience of upscale kosher cuisine. Our fine dining experience truly enhances any vacation.

Nachman Harris - Mashgiach

Our Kosher cuisine is under the strict supervision of Nachman Harris. Nachman Harris is a graduate of Itri Yeshiva.
During the five years learning there, Nachman developed a keen interest in the practical side of Halacha, and especially intrigued and fascinated by Hilchot Kashrut. His service was started by kashering hotels abroad. He was then inundated by guests with Kashering requests for their own kitchens. This encouraged him to think bigger and expand to include other Kashering services.

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Endorsed by Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski

Leading Authority OU, Israel


Kosher Dining at its Finest

Welcome to Dreams Playa Bonita Panama. Le Voyage Travel will pamper you with award-winning cuisine, prepared by our own executive renowned chefs, delights are made from scratch and use only fresh ingredients. From casual hot & cold buffets to elegant Glatt Kosher dining in our ocean view restaurant, with choices sure to please those with even the most discerning tastes. Expect elegance and a mouthwatering Glatt Kosher dining experience during your vacation.



Five Star Passover Cuisine

Le Voyage provides upscale and delicious Passover cuisine, while still maintaining the strictest kashrut guidelines. Our unique menus and meals satisfy every palate, and taste like kosher-all-year-long. Our Passover cuisine will ensure that no one goes hungry!